post tenebra lux

To celebrate the 2016 Swiss National Day, the city of Geneva invited us and gave us a carte blanche to perform on one of its nicest monument.

We have presented a new creation on "Le Mur des Réformateurs" in Geneva.
A 80+ meters wide and 10 meters height monument, that is, alongside the "Cristo Redentor" in Rio, two of the majors art pieces of famous sculptor Paul Landowski.

This is the first artwork in our new series called ARCHIVES:
This series open a dialog between the past, the present and the future.
Using the city as a rough material; we scan people & objets using a 3d scanner in order to transform them into contemporary icons that will lead the whole creation.

The result is a living artwork melting the historical icons with contemporary one, literally and figuratively.
contemporary icons
We browsed the city and created 11 sculptures using a 3d scanner.
Anything you see in this work results from theses objects, first right in shape, then morphed into abstract forms and colors.

Ex artamis